An Informal “Horizon Scan” from CETIS

For the past three years we have created a largely internal and informal “horizon scan” of technology trends and issues of interest and relevance to members of CETIS. The 2011 edition (.doc) was created in March and has just been uploaded to a public URL. All three are available in “.doc” format under the Resources section of our “Horizon Scan” topic page.

These should be seen as a set of un-processed perceptions rather than the product of a formal process; a great deal of ground is not scanned in this paper and it should be understood that no formal prioritisation process was undertaken. They are, therefore, not at all comparable with NMC Horizon Reports. The CETIS Horizon Scan should be seen as a set of potentially-ideosyncratic “takes”, material on which discourse and disputation may occur to make possible futures more clear.

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