New Draft British Standard – Exchanging Course Related Information

The two parts of a draft British Standard (BS), “BS 8581 – Exchanging course related information – Course advertising profile” have recently been released for public comment on the British Standard Institute “Draft Review” website.

This standard is heavily based on the XCRI-CAP 1.2 specification, which has been developed and piloted over the past few years with support from JISC and CETIS, and would create a British Standard that is consistent with the European Standard “Metadata for Learning Opportunities – Advertising” (EN 15982, also to be adopted as BS) but extends it and provides more detail suited to UK application.

The two parts for public review, which closes on April 30th 2012, are:

Registration is required to access the drafts and comment.

Background information and details of implementations of XCRI may be found on the XCRI-CAP website.

One thought on “New Draft British Standard – Exchanging Course Related Information

  1. Well done guys. If we can get this work to easily linked-data to Key Information Sets then it’ll be even better…. I think it will.

    “Advertised Course” is a great way to susinctly cut through a huge amount of confusion. It may sound obvious in retrospect but hats off to the person who coined that term.

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