InLOC: the reason for lack of posts

InLOC has been taking up more and more of my non-CETIS time, and along with other pressures, I have not got round to posting here for two whole months. Here are my good intentions…

First, I will try to tweet more, particularly with the hashtag #InLOC, which fortunately no one outside the InLOC projects seems to have used. If readers have anything relevant to say which touches InLOC concerns, please feel free to use that hashtag. I started this just a few days ago, as you can see with a Twitter search, about a newly published European document called “Rethinking education: investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes“, which among other things takes forward the argument that we need “more focus on ‘learning outcomes’ – the knowledge, skills and competences that students acquire”. This is just the kind the boost we need to take InLOC into mainstream awareness. This is what I tweeted…

Via @philbarker New EC strategy “Rethinking Education” … < – useful for #InLOC

I am very industriously working at present with the InLOC team to get drafts of our deliverables ready in good time — we are tasked to draft three CWAs: “CEN Workshop Agreements”. As part of this, I will try to work in reading the Rethinking Education strategy, and to refer to any key arguments as part of the InLOC deliverables.

I have also been meaning to continue the “logic of competence” series, now started over two years ago, and bring readers up to date with the latest conclusions of InLOC.

Well, good intentions perhaps, but I hope that the act of writing this down publicly will help galvanise my efforts to produce the goods! I would also be most grateful for any prompts from anyone who follows this part of my work, and who would like to know more.