Facelift for JISC CETIS Newsletter

I finally got around to giving our monthly newsletter an overdue facelift. In response to feedback we’ve cut down the content to the top 10 blog posts instead of the nearly 40 posts that we actually write in a month.

Here’s a screen grab of the new format:

JISC CETIS newsletter

JISC CETIS newsletter

I decided to use the JISCMAIL templates to create the new format and was really surprised how easy the templates were to use. I would recommend them if you’re doing something similar.

The other advantage is that we now have a nicely formatted web version of the newsletter that we can point people to on twitter etc.

So the million dollar question: What do you think?

Is the content more accessible? Are there the right number of news items? Are you more likely to read our posts now?

The full version is available at:

I look forward to your comments….

4 thoughts on “Facelift for JISC CETIS Newsletter

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