Cetis14 Day2

A few tweets from the second day of the Cetis conference in Storify. I’ve added a couple of additional tweets at the end with were no longer available on Storify.

Every year I say never again – but the feedback has been so positive from cetis14, that we’re planning Cetis 2015 in Bolton next June.

David Kernohan ‏@dkernohan Jun 18

#cetis14 was “just an amazingly great event” says @audreywatters http://hackeducation.com/2014/06/18/unfathomable-cetis2014/ … . As she goes to ALL the conferences, praise indeed

Mark Power @markpower

#cetis14 was absolutely top class. No hype. No rhetoric. No bullshitting. It really is a unique edutech event. And lovely to see my pals.

Joe Wilson ‏@joecar Jun 18

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/moocs-opportunities-for-their-use-in-compulsory-age-education … one for reading later thanks all #cetis14 for great conference

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