This week

  • Liaised with Lisa re VLE programme.
  • Contributed to ‘Community Conference Call’
  • Attended OU/ Becta meeting re Moodle with Peter and Scott


  • Having monitored the JISC VLE List, the lack of clarity as to whether schools want VLEs and whether the staff have the time to get trained up to use them.
  • Moodle not on Becta’s approved Learning Platform list: reason for list…to ensure school consortia purchasing sytems do not come up against EU bidding/ procurement issues. Problem still is that many agencies purchasing systems on behalf of schools/ LEAs etc may ignore Moodle.
  • Role of NAA Minerva system for vocational achievement data and links with HE requirement for applications, vocational education credits, potfolios etc.  Meeting set up with peter and Rob (ePortfolio developments)

Next week

  • presentation assessment SIG, Southampton

Clive 2/2/07 -9/2/07

This Week

  • Visit to OU to discuss Moddle developments
  • Discussion Rowin: input on new DfES developments for vocational eductaion at assessment SIG
  • Agreement to support Lisa with DEL work (Diana Laurillard)
  • Conference Call: Eportfolios with Simon, Helen, Peter, Lisa Gray and Sarah Davies

Issues from OU visit

  • Moodle scalable and working well (including links to databases and rights management)
  • Developments driven by ‘buisess needs’. Standards only applied where appropriate (assessment not a bigp riority)
  • SOA approach only applied at the micro level (too risky at higher levels)
  • Moodle becoming more rugged (partly due to contribution from OU of open source solutions)

Issues Conference call

  • LEAP2 needs wider community
  • JISC developments needed to be rooted in the national agenda (e.g. QCF, new Diplomas)

Next Week

  • Visit to OU with Becta (ePortfolios)