Hello world! – what is a work blog?

A first post; Welcome to my blog.

I’ve avoided blogging so far in life, but it now seems to be part of my job.

I’m not sure if I’m relieved or confused by this. I’m perhaps relieved as it gives me an excuse to write reflectively without having to justify why I should inflict my musings on the world. I’m confused because what is a work blog?

There seem to be two types of blog: filter blogs and journal blogs. I suspect that most work blogs tend to be filter blogs – collections of briefly annotated links. Journal blogs being more reflective and often more personal are less suited to the work environment. That said, if I think about the blogs I read, it’s the work blogs that blend the two types that I find myself coming back to. But if I look again at who blogs in this manner most of the people have established reputations – they blog the way they speak or present.

I’m not sure what sort of blog I’ll end up writing as part of the point of my work blog is to talk about what I’m doing. Oh well, I’ll figure it out as I go.

I’ll introduce myself and my job a little more thoroughly in my next post.

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