Repositories Research Team

The short introduction to my job is that I’m the JISCCETIS representative on JISC’s Repositories Research Team (RRT).

Within the team I have a focus on e-learning and provide a degree of support for the e-learning projects in the DRP Programme. As this programme comes to an end and we begin to work more with the Repositories and Preservation strand projects the team’s focus will shift to more research and synthesis and we will have fewer direct support commitments. In the ongoing research of the team I provide a perspective from the JISCCETIS community and will also be focusing on liasing with the eframework.
The team’s self-description from the RRT wiki is:

Repositories Research Team
As part of the Digital Repositories Programme, JISC have established the Repositories Research Team. The remit for the work of the research team is quite wide and includes helping projects find and exploit synergies across the programme and beyond, gathering scenarios and use cases from projects, liaising with other national and international repositories activities, including liaison with the e-Framework, synthesizing project and programme outcomes, and engaging with interoperability standards activity and repository architectures.

The Repositories Research Team is a collaboration between UKOLN and CETIS. UKOLN have worked previously on repositories in a number of contexts including ePrints UK, the Open Archives Forum and Delos, and CETIS, the Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards, has considerable experience in supporting the development of digital repositories for e-learning.

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