4 thoughts on “Comparing metadata requirements for OERs (part 3)

  1. I’ll note as a commment rather than as part of the text – this post feels incomplete to me, though I suspect a large part of this feeling maybe becasue I want to include the answers to questions that we, as a programme, are only begining to ask. I guess we’ll see were we’ve got to in April.

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  3. A couple of thoughts. I can’t really see any easy way of reconciling application specific usage data with the idea of a canonical structured metadata record. Especially given that ukoer materials will be scattered across multiple applications. This is definitely getting into tracking. You’re right that a detailed investigation of tracking issues is a bit out of scope for us right now but we definitely want to capture those tracking issues that the programme surfaces.

    Using OAI-ORE to associate distributed annotations is a very interesting idea. Definitely worth further exploration I would have thought.

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