Libraries and OERs: OpenEd papers and survey

What role do libraries have in the release or use of Open Educational Resources?

I’ve an ongoing interest in the role of Libraries in Open Education and have a paper for OpenEd 2010 looking at ways academic libraries might be involved in the release and use of OERs. I’m excited about the chance to present some of my ideas to that community and was pleased to discover that Open.Michigan have a paper on Libraries and the future of OER. We’re going to co-ordinate our papers to complement each other.

Building on my earlier blog post, my paper focuses on potential roles of academic libraries in connection with the use and release of OER; I’d like to inform my reflection by asking about your experience and thoughts about the roles of libraries in this area. To help with this I’ve put together a short survey:

There’s ten questions but most are quick responses. The survey is designed for OER projects and initiatives and there will be a follow up survey (at a later date) targeting the wider library community. I’ll blog the results as well as incorporating them into the paper.

Thanks in advance for your participation
John (in collaboration with the Open.Michigan team)

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