Open source in Enterprise Organisations


Recently, Enterprises started adopting more open source software. Bernard Golden, CEO of Navica, in Open source in the Enterprise, identifies six prime drivers for enterprises adopting more open source software systems are

  • Agility and scale
  • quality and security
  • breaking vendor lock-in
  • cost
  • sovereignty
  • innovation

In practical usage web 2.0 companies (You Tube and Face book) are built on open source software. Most of the IT Enterprise organisations are under stress with regards to the annual budget. The reason behind is that they focussed only the strategy part, migrating to new business models and so on.Also,the reason for the adoption to open source software is low cost and easy access.

Gartners report:

Gartner prediction is that by 2012, nearly 90% of the enterprise organisations will use open source software because of its attractive feature,massive scalability at no transaction cost, for whatever you are doing.

My personal feeling is that

(1) With regards to the adoption statistics,it is extremely a challenging task to assess the usage of open source software in Enterprise organisations.

(2) Many Enterprise organisations have already been using open source software to a very less degree. I would say because of the success of the web 2.0 companies, Enterprise organisations have started focussing on open source software to a high degree.

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