IMS LIS(Learning Information services)

IMS Global Learning Consortium is currently involved in building the Learning Information Services specification.The “Learning Information Services (LIS, renamed from Enterprise Services spec) Specification” is all about exchange of course data between learning and administration systems. It mainly aims

  1. Enable learning application interoperability.
  2. Support the interactions between a Student Information System (SIS) and a Learning Management System (LMS).
  3. Address the Enterprise Integration in HE/FE sectors.

Currently, it‘s been proved that the rapid adoption of Service Oriented approach(SOA) has been successful in the Enterprise Integration in IT sectors for many reasons like it’s easy to build and integrate with existing systems, flexibility in re-use, adaptability and so on. If your SOA effort is a top-down approach, reuse may not always be the number one priority. ”If your SOA is developing from the bottom up, reuse may add some value to the top 20% of applications getting the most usage”.The adoption of LIS should address many of the interoperability issues for education including reducing the time and cost in customizing and integrating the SIS and LMS in educational institutions. The work on this specification is scheduled for completion at the end of 2009.


You can find information at

  1. Humes, L. R. (2008). Leading Integration of Enterprise Learning and Administrative Systems. IMS Global Learning Consortium Series on Learning Impact. 17 November 2008.
  2. IMS Learning Information Services: What a Solution Looks Like (e-literate blog)(Scott’s work blog)