Choose your tag with care

The official tag for the recent Dublin Core Conference in Berlin is dc2008berlin however my colleague John Robertson noted that more than a few conference participants had uploaded images to flickr tagged dc2008. This tag also turns up lots of holiday snaps from Washington DC along with images from some rather more exotic events including DragonCon 2008.


Do you know where the Description Set Profile Working Group is?

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DragonCon 2008 055

One thought on “Choose your tag with care

  1. Hi Lorna,

    Did you see @AndyPowe11 ‘s tweet about the dc tags – at time and from a distance “good grief – conference organisers need to learn to publicise conf. tag well in advance or risk losing amplification – #dc2008 #dc-2008 :-( 01:12 PM September 23, 2008 ” Looks like neither of these were right!

    beginning to wonder if each day of an event or conference should start with – ‘and today’s tag is…’


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