A short list….

….but an illustrious one! For Ada Lovelace day a list of all the women I’ve worked with in the domain of educational technology since 1997, all of them inspiring in their own unique way.

Julie Allinson, Helen Beetham, Kerry Blinco, Rachel Bruce, Joanna Bull, Gayle Calverley, Jackie Carter, Lisa Corley, Sarah Currier, Jenny Delasalle, Susan, Eales, Suzanne Hardy, Rachel Harris, Rachel Heery, Nancy Hobelheinrich, Sarah Hollyfield, Allison Littlejohn, Sheila MacNeill, Sue Manuel, Moira Masey, Lisa Mattson, Mhairi McApline, Sarah McConnell, Lou McGill, Celeste McLaughlan, Liddy Neville, Solvig Norman, Chris Pegler, Sharon Perry, Sarah Porter, Jean Ritchie, Tish Roberts, Laura Shaw, Christina Smart, Amber Thomas, Rowin Young, Li Yuan, Kamala Velayutham, Su White, Lara Whitelaw, Heather Williamson, Vashti Zarach, Linn van der Zanden.

Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone!

2 thoughts on “A short list….

  1. Hi Lorna,
    Loving your list, worked with many of those when at CETIS and found them, and you, inspirational. I missed Ada Lovelace Day yesterday as was following JISC conference online and busy with work, but have been looking it up today, and think it’s a great idea, lovely to see women and men acknowledging and praising the women of technology

  2. Thanks Vashti! You made a wonderful contribution to CETIS and it’s so nice being able to still be able to follow you online :-)

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