CETIS OER Technical Support Project Final Report

The CETIS OER Technical Support Project was funded by JISC from August 2009 – April 2010 to provide support to the JISC HEA Open Educational Resources Pilot Programme. The project’s Final Report is now available to download from the Publications page of the CETIS website.

Support provided to the programme included advising JISC on technical direction, setting technical guidelines for the programme, reviewing and advising on projects’ technical choices and liaising with other programme support elements, particularly JourmOpen. The project conducted technical review calls with all 29 projects and recorded the outcome of these interviews using the CETIS PROD directory. Over the duration of the programme CETIS facilitated a number of programme support events including a technical round table at the annual CETIS conference, and two 2nd Tuesday online seminars in addition to participating in all three JISC programme level events.

The outputs of the CETIS Technical Support Project have been synthesised and published in a series of posts on the CETIS blogs and pages on the CETIS wiki. These outputs were also disseminated through more formal channels including position papers, journal papers and presentations at a number of national and international conferences. The support project surfaced a number of technical issues worthy of further investigation these include; the use of RSS for depositing resources into repositories, technical approaches to aggregating resources and methods of tracking resources. These issues are now being taken forward through an additionally funded technical project.

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