Briefing Paper: the Semantic Web, Linked and Open Data

CETIS has published a new Briefing Paper on the Semantic Web, Linked and Open Data. This briefing paper provides a high level overview of key concepts relating to the Semantic Web, semantic technologies, linked and open data; along with references to relevant examples and standards. The briefing is intended to provide a starting point for those within the teaching and learning community who may have come across the concept of semantic technologies and the Semantic Web but who do not regard themselves as experts and wish to learn more. Examples and links are provided as starting points for further exploration. The briefing paper is supplemented by the blog post When is Linked Data not Linked Data? which provides a summary of the debate surrounding the definition and characteristics of Linked Data.

The briefing paper can be downloaded in pdf format here or you can pick up printed copy at a CETIS event near you soon!

4 thoughts on “Briefing Paper: the Semantic Web, Linked and Open Data

  1. Seems a bit funny this document is in pdf format with no metadata attached to it other than its title. How does the document you produce match up against what you talk about?

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  4. Charlie, touché. A valid point indeed and if I am completely honest I have no convincing justification for this! Let me get back to you on this one…..

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