Open world

During the recent meeting of the JISC eLearning Team, the JISC eLearning Consultants and the CETIS Management Team discussion inevitably turned, as it does, to the forthcoming JISC OER call and the issue of open educational resources more generally. At one stage someone began a question with:

So in this open world…

Open World happens to be the title of the collected poems of one of my favourite writers Kenneth White founder of the Institute of Geopoetics. Openness is a theme that recurs throughout his work.

A High Blue Day in Scalpay

This is the summit of contemplation
and no art can touch it
blue, so blue, the far out archipelago
and the sea shimmering, shimmering
no art can touch it, the mind can only
try to become attuned to it
to become quiet, and space itself out, to
become open and still, unworlded
knowing itself in the diamond country, in
the ultimate unlettered light.

And here is a high blue day on Scalpay (actually this is taken from Carriegreich on the other side of Kyles Scalpay.)

End of the jetty