Video hits the CETIS Conference

Well, it’s the day after the 5th Annual JISC CETIS Conference and once again I’m left feeling like it’s Boxing Day and I can’t get my head round how much I ate, drank and how many new presents there are everywhere!

I’ve noticed that the last couple of years have been much more laid back affairs, or at least a little bit less uptight. It’s a good group of people who gather in Birmingham to share ideas and thoughts and their enthusiasm never fails to give me a lift. Still…going back to the Boxing Day analogy…I need a few days to digest everything.

So…video. This year I’ve been introduced to the Flip Camcorder

A wonderfully inexpensive piece of kit that fits in your pocket and makes the job of capturing video a breeze. No memory cards, no forest of controls and menus; just switch on,  shoot and upload (using the built-in USB connector). I got to use the flip to capture session feedback (which I have to sort yet) and, even more fun, a short and lighthearted movie capturing the essence of this year’s conference.

So thanks to all those attending the conference for being so approachable and special thanks to Nic Whitton, my co-director on the evening :)

Now I have to get the CETIS communications people to sort it out so I can embed the videos in this blog….but in the meantime, enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Video hits the CETIS Conference

  1. I’ve been catching up with the CETIS conference via all the twitter stories and blog posts and so on, but I have to say Mark, your video was my favourite thing!! It was so nice to see all the familiar faces, and it’s so funny, especially the bits with Scott in!! Best use of modern technology, I’d say…

    Vashti (former CETISian)

  2. Thanks Vashti! :)

    Kudos should really go to Paul H though as it was his idea in the first place. I was just lucky that I got to execute the plan! ;)


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