Goodbye to Neil

For the last couple of years Neil Fegen has been helping with the Repository and Metadata work for CETIS. Unfortunately he will be leaving us at the end of July. I would like to thank him for all his work, especially on organizing meetings and keeping the web presence up to date, and of course wish him luck in his future employment.


I’ve just been talking to colleagues about sharing learning resources and I suggested that we could try to describe what attributes make a resource more easily shared. I’ve been using the set listed below in discussions relating to several projects I’ve been involved with over the last two or three years, but I don’t think I’ve ever put them down clearly on their own rather than embedded in some presentation on a specific project. Mostly they were first suggested by Charles Duncan at the 2005 Eduserv Symposium, but the first two are my own addition (Charles probably thought them to obvious to mention).

So here for clarity and ease of reference (but certainly not novelty) are six attributes of a resource which I suggest will make it more likely to be shared:
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