Repository fringe videos online

Video recordings of presentations from this August’s “repository fringe” in Edinburgh are now available online at From what I’ve heard of the event (I was out of Edinburgh when it happened) the bulk of the event took “repository” to mean “repository of research outputs”, which often seems to be the case, but there’s a recording of Sarah Currier, of Intrallect talking about web services and open access to learning and research materials, and find it’s always interesting to follow what people like Dorthea Salo have to say about their experience of running institutional repositories of research output and think about how it might apply to similar effort to collect teaching and learning materials. It’s also interesting to see the research-output people move into areas like sharing data or alternatives to academic papers as outputs, where I think they might meet some similar cultural issues to those we have when managing and sharing learning materials.

Many thanks to the people who organized this meeting and made the videos available.

(via Philip Hunter)

Why share?

In a comment to a previous post of mine, Gayle reminded me of the point made by the ACETS project:

“Re-use is not in itself a good or bad thing and it should not be encouraged or discouraged as a matter of dogma. Rather it should be nurtured and supported where it can provide benefits and not where it will not.”

So the question we should ask is: when will re-use provide benefits? Here are some links to recent and ongoing work relating to the benefits of sharing, reuse and open content.
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