A lesson in tagging for UKOER

We’ve been encouraging projects in the HE Academy / JISC OER programmes to use platforms that help get the resources out onto the open web and into the places where people look, rather than expecting people to come to them. YouTube is one such place. However, we also wanted to be able to find all the outputs from the various projects wherever they had been put, without relying on a central registry, so one of the technical recommendations for the programme was that resources are tagged UKOER.

So, I went to YouTube and searched for UKOER, and this was the top hit. Well, it’s a lesson in tagging I suppose. I don’t think it invalidates the approach, we never expected 100% fidelity and this seems to be a one-off among the first 100 or so of the 500+ results. And it’s great to see results from Chemistry.FM and CoreMaterials topping 10,000 views.