Second Life on a mobile phone. Yes, really.

Wired and Newsweek are reporting on a new client which allows users to run Second Life on a 3G mobile phone.  By customising the Second Life client to suit a small phone screen and limited controls and streaming content from their own servers, developers Vollee have produced a system which appears to run extremely well.  The beta launches next month in the States, before being rolled out elsewhere; you can sign up now for future access.  Having just got a new laptop on the grounds that my desktop machine has a fit of the vapours every time I try to log in to the resource greedy virtual world, I’m more than a little impressed with this – certainly the signficantly lower cost of a 3G phone and appropriate data plan will make Second Life more accessible and participation a more realistic possibility for future learners.

5 thoughts on “Second Life on a mobile phone. Yes, really.

  1. I guess this will lead to more people wandering around in the real world busily occupied with their Second Life world on their phones…just as when we bought my stepdaughter a Nintendo DS, she was completely immersed in walking her virtual Nintendogs as we were all walking our real dogs…

  2. Notr sure that 2L will relate well on a mobile phone for a variety of reasons,primarily screen size and resolution 2L on wireless is still very flakey let alone the problems with 3g “hotspots” and as you say 2L is resource hungry and with the increased number of applications will i suspect become even more so.

    Agree with Vashti Nintendogs is great game my six year old is now aprofessional trainer with his dog called “harvest”

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