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Now this is just cool.  CamSoft is a software product that allows you to control your computer with, well, anything.  It uses a basic webcam to identify and lock onto your chosen object – examples from the video include empty soft drink bottles, maracas, even fingertips – and relate them to controls and actions within your programme.  The precision and sensitivity of control suggested by the video even in its current pre-release state is seriously impressive, particularly in the first person shooter, and frankly, it’s impossible to stop imagining the potential of this.  This could have some really exciting applications in educational simulations, could offer some creative accessibility options, and just looks like being thoroughly good fun, and best of all, they’ve promised it will always be free.  You can sign up for the beta here.

3 thoughts on “Mouse over

  1. The ultimate in wireless controllers, not to mention a cheap alternative to those £30 game controllers, steering wheels, etc. In a similar way that the Wii engaged an audience that would have otherwise ignored traditional games consoles, this could reach to a new section of computer users. Have you used it, Rowin?

  2. I haven’t used it yet, but I signed up to their mailing list so hopefully sometime soon… I really agree with you about the way in which this could reach new users, the Wii has really achieved that quite impressively.

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