QTI 2.1 and Moodle

Found all by myself this time :-) was a series of tweets detailing Pierre Gorissen and Steve Lay’s successful integration of the ASDEL QTI Playr with Moodle, meaning that Pierre is now able to run QTI 2.1 assessments within a Moodle course.  This is a signficant step forward for making the specification more attractive to users, given the huge popularity and dynamic community that surrounds Moodle.  It might also make QTI a more attractive alternative to OpenMark within the Moodle community – there are some interesting comments to be found on QTI in the Moodle forums.

2 thoughts on “QTI 2.1 and Moodle

  1. Hi Rowin

    Wow, what a QTItastic time it seems to be :-) Great news about 2.1 players and fingers crossed the moodle integration will allow even more people to start using it.


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