QTI in Korea

Things may be quiet at the moment on the release of the final version of IMS QTI 2.1, but there’s been quite a bit of activity in the background around implementations and integration with other systems.

Keris, the Korea Education and Research Information Service (similar to the UK’s JISC), have been quite active within IMS and in February signed a formal memorandum of understanding with IMS to launch IMS Korea.  Amongst their activities is involvement with Teaching Mate, a commercial product which aims to support QTI export by the end of the year.  Also from Keris is a QTI 2.1 player that does import and export QTI 2.1 – it’s in Korean, but Adam cunningly pointed out that you can use the browser status bar to work out what each button actually does.

It’s worth having a look around the Keris site to see the extent to which they support ICT in education.  Of particular interest is EDUNET, the National Teaching and Learning Center established in 1996 which, amongst a range of other services, provides a large range of school-level teaching materials and ‘an online testing service to evaluate students’ achievements’.  Would teachers in the UK welcome a centrally provided eassessment service to support the government’s eassessment targets?

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