Market share of blogs increases

A recent post on Hitwise reveals that, in the UK, we’re spending more of our browsing time visiting blogs and personal websites than ever before.  These sites accounted for 1.19% of all UK internet traffic in the week to 7 June – that’s a remarkable 1 in 84 of all internet visits.  Hitwise’s statistics show that this short team leap is reflected in the longer term view, with blog visits having risen from just over 0.3% of traffic in May 2005.  Curiously, there’s a marked difference between UK and US trends, with blogs having a significantly smaller part of the market in the US than they do in the UK; despite this, the number of British blogs in the top 20 is surprisingly low, particularly once blog aggregators such as Guardian blogs are discounted (see Robin Goad’s comment for the breakdown). 

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