Under development: Eric Shepherd’s assessment maturity model

Eric Shepherd of Questionmark has been developing an assessment maturity model ‘that provides a way for organisations’ executives and managers to monitor, chart and improve their use of assessments’, and has recently begun to formalise this in an online model.

The model separates the entire assessment process into three key areas (development, delivery and reporting), each comprised of six measures (stakeholder satisfaction, security, strategic alignment, maturity, data management and communication).  Shepherd also identifies four phases of assessment maturity which can help identify the needs and requirements of an organisations (ad hoc, managed, refined and aligned).  Each of these elements is or will be expanded and further developed as the model itself matures, with ongoing development being focused on the project wiki.

There is also a great deal of useful information available on the site, such as learning resources to help assessment managers understand their own processes’ maturity and helpful links to relevant material.

The model is still in development but should already be of value to users and will continue to develop over time.

Thanks to Steve Lay for the heads up!

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