CETIS Site Redevelopment: A Plan

This first stab at a plan for the cetis site redevelopment has now been superseded by the website development tasklist on the wiki.

Set up physical server(s)

Install and configure LDAP directory
Needs to cover
CETIS staff: name, contact details, IM ids, general blurb, photoRegistered members of cetis community…Install and configure Blog software
Integrate with LDAPSolve private/public/group issuesDevelop standard categories for groups etc and tags forDevelop WordPress ThemeFigure out the “golden rules”Get people blogging

Main cetis site
Develop CETIS Front-page aggregation of blogs + other sources (eg focus)
Develop generic CETIS stylesheet for front-page
Re-do primary static content (about etc)
Link to old community sites in zope (to migrate later)

Install and configure Wiki software
Integrate with LDAP etcDevelop mediawiki themeDevelop CETIS communitiesGet co-ordinators using it and adding contentI saw an interesting and helpful looking blog entry about setting up LDAP on Mediawiki

Is there more intranet functionality to specify?
eg Task lists?
Time management?
Project management?

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