From A to B

Moving house has been a reasonably smooth operation, however the moving of the Tencompetence site turned out to throw up a nasty failure at the same time as me being out of action.

It turned out that ELROND had performed an automatic software update and rebooted itself. ARWEN (which is a virtual server sitting on top of Elrond) had then refused to come back up as VMWare had declared itself out-of-date. As such the Tencompetence site several bits of stuff aimed at the Design for Learning support site (the PHPbb Forum mainly) had gone off.

Then there was the issue of exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with the Design for Learning stuff – the request was for “something to show JISC” and had been verbally agreed that I’d set up a forum and a wiki. It was supposed to be done by Friday 16th… I’d got the forum up (but the server was down) and it took several phone calls and me being dragged in to the office on the Thursday to get as far as a new holding page. On Monday this week I got the mediawiki installation sorted and have since re-cast the entry page as a redirect into the wiki.

The D4L stuff is now all here:

Notes for internal purposes are on the intrawiki: Design for Learning Support

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