Bolton server switcharound

Yesterdays work on the Bolton firewalls and routers resulted in the “arwen” server (tencompetence and designforlearning) disappearing from the internet for much of the day.

There were several colliding issues:

1) The Bolton VPN system had been taken out by the changes so I couldn’t get in remotely to figure out what was going on (I was at the CAA conference in Loughborough). Once informed, the Bolton networks team made it a priority to get it working again.

2) The subnet configuration of the server needed re-applying – Mark Power performed valiantly and got the necessary settings changed from the office in Bolton. This was fixed around lunch-time. The server was now working but only within the Bolton network.

3) The final issue was that Mark Williamson had overlooked the arwen server when configuring the new firewall rules – the other cetis servers were fine though. Once discovered the firewall rules were corrected and the server became publicly visible again at around 5pm.

It was a shame that the tencompetence site went down for the second time in as many weeks, but all in all I think this was pretty much unavoidable given the complexity of the changes, new infrastructure, and I think that both Marks deserve a big thankyou for tackling the matter swiftly and seriously.

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