The MOTHERSHIP framework for introduction of new technologies


  • Seed nanobots Lay down necessary infrastructure for scalable deployment
  • Buzzing Let a few of people get a glimpse of something interesting, strut up and down making beep-beep noises
  • Abduction Grab a likely looking individual or two
  • Anal probe Embed the technologies into your best abductees – creating drones
  • Infection Use the drones to spread the technology through their peers
  • Mind control Mass marketing through cosmic rays
  • Total invasion!

Please note that this invasion plan is not endorsed by JISC, CETIS or the University of Bolton

3 thoughts on “The MOTHERSHIP framework for introduction of new technologies

  1. Made me think about some extra-terrestrial caricatures (maybe you’ve met some?):

    Vogon: tortures you with the poetry of technology with painful mis-application of technical terms and jargon. Stomps about. Doesn’t want to listen. Throws people out of airlocks

    Vulcan: cant understand why no-one else subscribes to their logically perfect technology plan but knows in principle about illogical human attachment to Apple macs etc.

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