Rationale for new website design

The following are some notes on why we took the approach we did to the design for the new look site –


the new website development was made possible because the e-Learning Focus team were given an extension of two years from the summer of 2007 with a couple of specific remits –

* to integrate the the JISC CETIS site and the e-learning Focus site
* to develop a coherent communications and dissemination process across JISC CETIS
* to co-ordinate with the JISC Communications team

A paper explaining the thinking behind all this went to JISC Committee for Learning and Teaching (JLT) in the Spring . Feedback was also gathered from the questionnaire in the early summer.

Communications and dissemination across the site

The idea behind the new site is to develop an overall approach to journalism and communication which enables us to meet the needs of our various readerships/audiences/members – and uses rss – so we can benefit from what everyone does. A tool has been developed which enables people to publish what they choose – see Sam’s blog for more on the development process.

Editorial control

Editors can write a regularly changing editorial at the top of their page highlighting developments and items of current interest. One of the principles is that the Front Page editor and the Domain co-ordinators should be able to select and control the news and features they publish on their front pages. As they all share the same feeds the intention is that a coherent overall editorial approach will develop.

Role of the wiki – and the old CETIS site

Domain front pages link through to the wiki wherever needed – to SIG information, briefings etc – this is also where things like briefings may be written – it’s where the ‘community can talk to itself’

Links can also be made to items on the old site though the need for this probably will decrease over time

More information illustrating the model for communications is available in a powerpoint presentation

Future developments include a multi-functional project directory, and in-depth themes and ‘packs’ .

Feedback is very welcome

2 thoughts on “Rationale for new website design

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  2. Very interesting. I’ve watched CETIS’ website over several incarnations, and in this one you can feel the electronic interconnectivity crackling away.

    I think the pulling together of various sites, groups, individual perspectives and subject areas is immediately useful. In time, emergent behaviour will likely affect coherence and navigability; for example, it may be possible that contributors start using a different tagging system than the subject classification you start off with, depending on how you manage this.

    What are the issues you have considered in communicating beyond the boundaries of the site? Have you considered further syndication formats to RSS?

    I see you have iCal feeds on your event page, although they may not be fully implemented yet.

    There’s quite a bit about press releases and other news article types in the presentation; are you using any specific formats like NITF?

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