Enterprise SIG Settling Into New Home

The Enterprise SIG has now officially moved from the University of Wales Bangor to the University of Bolton (central home of CETIS). In practice, this means that I have moved all my files from my Bangor office to my home office, and spent part of yesterday assembling a new bookshelf from Argos to house them, with help from my boyfriend (I don’t own any screwdrivers, only tiaras, and they are not much use for flat pack assembly). Now on with the serious work: sourcing an animal print computer chair.

One thought on “Enterprise SIG Settling Into New Home

  1. I’ve always found IKEA shelving more sturdy than Argos, with real wood veneer rather than plastic coatings. However Warrington is probably further away than Argos, Bangor. I must have been off line for a while. Why no SIG budget?

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