JISC Toolkits & Demonstrators 2007 Start Up Meeting

Last week I went to a meeting in London, for 9 new toolkit and demonstrator projects.

I hate going on the underground, but I found a great London travel website, and printed out maps and journey times for London buses, and managed to find my way to the meeting.

The meeting was interesting, and the new toolkits and demonstrators sound great, but as Enterprise SIG coordinator, I’m particularly interested in Selwyn Lloyd’s Group Calendaring Web Service, and Carol Shergold and Paolo Oprandi’s XMarks Project, looking at moving assessment and marks data between SRS and VLE (a issue crossing the remits of Enterprise and Assessment SIGs). I was also interested in EFSCE, a project to enable learners to fill course evaluation forms online, something I would have found handy when I was a student.

 Sheila and I gave a presentation about the JISC-CETIS Special Interest Groups, and encouraged projects to come along to meetings.

 The projects finish in 6 months time!

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