Report from the XCRI Mini Projects Start Up Meeting, 30 March 2007

Here is the XCRI meeting delegate list (word doc).

Introductory Presentations

Vashti Zarach, XCRI Support Project: Introduction to the day (ppt)

Sarah Davis, JISC Programme Manager: Project Deliverables (ppt)

Short Presentations from the 6 Mini Projects

Chris Frost & John Hughes, University of Bolton: BoXCRIP (ppt)

Mark Stubbs, Manchester Metropolitan University: XCRI@MMU (ppt)

There is more info about XCRI@MMU at the JISC XCRI@MMU web page.

Trish Judson, MOVE: MOVE-XCRI (ppt)

Alan Paull, APS: OCCAM (Open University) (ppt)

Keith Lewis, University of Oxford: OXCRI (ppt)

There is more information about OXCRI at the JISC OXCRI web page and the Oxford University OXCRI website.

Peter Moss, Staffordshire University: StaffsXCRI (ppt)

There is more info about StaffsXCRI at the JISC StaffsXCRI web page.

Other Presentations

Ben Ryan, XCRI Support Project: XCRI Validator (ppt)

Scott Wilson & Vashti Zarach, XCRI Support Project: XCRI website (ppt)

Scott also demonstrated the XCRI Aggregator (website link)

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