I have been working for CETIS for 4 and a half years.

Work Vashti: I have worked as a Librarian (in a Cambridge University college, a Welsh FE college, and the British Library for Development Studies at Sussex University), as an English GCSE teacher at an FE college (particularly enjoyed teaching Creative Writing), as a Visitor Centre Assistant at a castle in the Cotswolds, as a Chauffeur Punter for conference guests at a Cambridge college (I only did that once but it was fun), as a Playscheme Assistant looking after 5 to 11 year old children in a holiday playscheme, and as a Steward at festivals.

Education Vashti: I have a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from Cambridge, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management (librarianship with an electronic information angle) from Brighton. I am working on a dissertation for an MA in Heritage Management from the University of Wales Bangor. I also did a 10 week Celebratory Arts course (carnivals and parades) in Brighton.

Home Vashti: I like writing, and had a short story published in an anthology last year. I help to organize a yearly dance music night at Halloween, run a local What’s On website, and am currently learning to play the fiddle. I also like dance and exercise, do bellydancing and pilates, and am learning to dance with fire fans.

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