Report from the XCRI Mini Projects Start Up Meeting, 30 March 2007

Here is the XCRI meeting delegate list (word doc).

Introductory Presentations

Vashti Zarach, XCRI Support Project: Introduction to the day (ppt)

Sarah Davis, JISC Programme Manager: Project Deliverables (ppt)

Short Presentations from the 6 Mini Projects

Chris Frost & John Hughes, University of Bolton: BoXCRIP (ppt)

Mark Stubbs, Manchester Metropolitan University: XCRI@MMU (ppt)

There is more info about XCRI@MMU at the JISC XCRI@MMU web page.

Trish Judson, MOVE: MOVE-XCRI (ppt)

Alan Paull, APS: OCCAM (Open University) (ppt)

Keith Lewis, University of Oxford: OXCRI (ppt)

There is more information about OXCRI at the JISC OXCRI web page and the Oxford University OXCRI website.

Peter Moss, Staffordshire University: StaffsXCRI (ppt)

There is more info about StaffsXCRI at the JISC StaffsXCRI web page.

Other Presentations

Ben Ryan, XCRI Support Project: XCRI Validator (ppt)

Scott Wilson & Vashti Zarach, XCRI Support Project: XCRI website (ppt)

Scott also demonstrated the XCRI Aggregator (website link)

Enterprise related funding opportunities in the JISC Capital Programme Call

JISC are putting out a new call for project proposals as part of the Capital Programme.

There will be a briefing day for those interested in submitting proposals in Birmingham on May 9th.

Details of the calls online.

There are a few project calls of possible interest to Enterprise SIG members, 2 in the April call:

1. The e-Learning Call for projects exploring cross institutional use of e-learning to support lifelong learners (“Regional and collaborative projects to pilot the use of e-learning to support lifelong learning, including the support of progression and workplace learning, and the provision of flexible delivery and personalised learning experiences.”)

2. The Cross Programme call for institutional exemplars (“Projects to develop exemplar technology and practice solutions to large-scale institutional problems in the areas of administration for teaching and learning and for digital repositories.”)

And 1 in the forthcoming July call:

1. The e_Learning call for Institutional Business Process Review (“Projects of up to a year in duration which will describe the administrative processes across an institution or consortium, whether manual or technology-enabled, which support key aspects of learning, teaching and student support.”)

Full Agenda for Friday’s Enterprise SIG Meeting

The next meeting of the JISC CETIS Enterprise SIG will be held this Friday (20th April 2007). The meeting is being hosted at the University of Nottingham by Sandra Kingston. We have a busy agenda, with a variety of updates, project presentations and interesting topics for discussion.

Register at:


And the agenda is also here:



10.45 – 11.00 Vashti Zarach, JISC CETIS Enterprise SIG Coordinator
Introduction & Results from a JISC Systems Integration Survey

11.00 – 11.15 Scott Wilson, JISC CETIS / XCRI Support Project
Update on XCRI and the XCRI CAP (Course Advertising Profile) Mini Projects

11.15 – 11.45 Adam Cooper, JISC CETIS
Work in Progress in IMS: Enterprise Services v2.0 / Tools Interoperability v2.0

11.45 – 12.00 Teabreak


12.00 – 12.30 Sandra Kingston, Centre for International ePortfolio Development, University of Nottingham
ADoM & DELIA: two new e-admissions projects

12.30 – 1.00 Garfield Southall, University of Chester
The SOLVS Project (Supporting Ongoing Learning in Vocational Settings)

1.00 – 2.00 Lunch


2.00 – 2.30 Simon Grant, JISC CETIS Portfolio SIG
Identity: Personal, Learner, Institutional, etc

2.30 – 2.45
Discussion time: Identity

2.45 – 3.15 Chris Kew, CETIS
The Tencompetence Project and the Personal Competence Manager

3.15 – 3.45 Roger Clark, Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance (ioNW2)
Adding A Competency Dimension into XCRI

3.45 – 4.00 End / Teas and Coffees

16th Enterprise SIG Meeting to be held on Fri 20th April

The next Enterprise SIG Meeting will be held at the University of Nottingham, on Friday 20th April 2007. The agenda is currently being planned, sessions so far include:

Register online at:

ENTSIG now 5 days a week and very busy!

I haven’t written in my workblog much lately as I’ve just been so busy! It was always much the same when I kept diaries, when life was quiet there were endless long diary entries as I lay around drinking tea and talking to the cat, but when life was a whirl of parties and pirates, nothing got written down.

The main news is that I am now working 5 days a week, for the first time since doing the Enterprise SIG, which started all of 4 years ago back in Jan 2003. When I started the SIG, I was also teaching English GCSE 5 hours a week, so I took the SIG on at 4 days a week. When the year of GCSE teaching finished, I began a part time Heritage MA, so stayed at 4 days a week. When I finished the taught part of the MA, I was so tired from all the working and learning I stayed at 4 days! However, my workload has been getting bigger and bigger, and I’ve just taken on a day a week as part of the XCRI Support Project, so I’m now on a 5 day working week.

XCRI is the eXchanging Course Information project that emerged out of the Enterprise SIG members collectively noticing a lack of a standardised approach to formatting and exchanging course information. The project has been gathering momentum like a small but persistent wave as various institutions implement the XCRI schema, and the JISC has just funded 6 mini projects to implement the XCRI Course Advertising Profile, which will be supported by the XCRI Team of Mark Stubbs, Ben Ryan, Scott Wilson and myself. I just looked online for a cool team of 4 consisting of 3 men and a woman and found these: I’m obviously Polly, so I have a human mind inhabiting an android body, can fly and also generate a superstrong polyfilament fibre to bind opponents, which should be very useful whilst running the support project. XCRI website:

The Fab Four met for the first XCRI Support Team meeting in Manchester on 23rd Feb, and laid out our strategy for world domination, I mean, supporting the XCRI mini projects. We also met with some nice people from GMSA (Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance: who are interested in XCRI, and Richard Hartley, Head of Information and Communications at MMU, who is from an excellent library background (Librarians Rule, see:

On Thursday 1st March, I went up to Bolton to meet Scott, Mark Power and Sam Easterby-Smith to discuss the new XCRI website, and plan user scenarios for people using the website. This was a great task for a would-be novelist like myself, sadly Scott only let me name two of the hypothetical users (mind you, Mark did invent a great name), and I had to stop short at planning their entire back stories, and focus on brainstorming their likely requirements from the new XCRI site.

We are planning an XCRI mini projects start up meeting on March 30th (which will probably be in Oxford) and an XCRI showcase in September, when the 6 month mini projects finish. We also intend to present and demo XCRI at a couple of conferences.

And Enterprise SIG? I’m currently planning the next meeting, which Sandra Kingston has kindly offered to host in Nottingham, in either April or May. As usual, contact me at if you want to present, or request any particular topics to focus on. I’ve also been involved in the beginning stages of hunting for a location for the next JISC CETIS Conference (sadly they won’t do Disneyland Paris).

 So, enough blogging, and back to the grindstone!

JISC Toolkits & Demonstrators 2007 Start Up Meeting

Last week I went to a meeting in London, for 9 new toolkit and demonstrator projects.

I hate going on the underground, but I found a great London travel website, and printed out maps and journey times for London buses, and managed to find my way to the meeting.

The meeting was interesting, and the new toolkits and demonstrators sound great, but as Enterprise SIG coordinator, I’m particularly interested in Selwyn Lloyd’s Group Calendaring Web Service, and Carol Shergold and Paolo Oprandi’s XMarks Project, looking at moving assessment and marks data between SRS and VLE (a issue crossing the remits of Enterprise and Assessment SIGs). I was also interested in EFSCE, a project to enable learners to fill course evaluation forms online, something I would have found handy when I was a student.

 Sheila and I gave a presentation about the JISC-CETIS Special Interest Groups, and encouraged projects to come along to meetings.

 The projects finish in 6 months time!

Summary of 3 years of Enterprise at JISC CETIS Conferences

In response to a request from Christina at eLearning Focus, I have written a summary of 3 years of the Enterprise SIG / Systems Integration / Future of Institutions strand at the JISC CETIS Conferences from 2004-2006, discussing priorities identified and progress made. The summary is here: Priorities and Progress: 3 Years of the Systems Strand at JISC-CETIS Conference.

Tencompetence meeting in Manchester

Hi, regular blog readers! Does anyone read my work blog? Feel very welcome to leave some comments (nice ones, please).

The good news is that my computer is working again, and I’ve been back online since last week. I went to Manchester last Thursday to the Tencompetence meeting. Mark Stiles gave a great keynote presentation, as ever, and it was followed by a really interesting presentation about Ultraversity, a distance learning course where students only meet at graduation. It was inspiring to hear about people who have found this a great way to study without giving up work (who can afford to study without a job these days?), or combine study with parenting. As Enterprise SIG Coordinator, I also found it useful to hear Steve Bennet’s presentation on using Enterprise Web Services to connect Smirkboard and Perception (see his article on eLearning Focus for more info), and really liked the Heather Mills example he used to illustrate a point about the transient nature of student data. If you come to my SIG meetings, you’ll know I’m very much in favour of using silly or simple examples to make things easier to understand!