Cabinet Office Consults on Open Standards for Government – URI Patterns and Document Formats

Feedback is invited on three proposals by Feb 24th (and 26th). The proposals relate to the following challenges (which apply to UK government use, not the whole of the public sector or the devolved governments):

  • URI patterns for identifiers. These will be for resolvable URIs to identify things and codes within data published by government.
  • Viewing government documents. This covers access by citizens, businesses and government officials from diverse devices.
  • Sharing or collaborating with government documents. This extends the requirements of the previous proposal to cases where the documents must be editable.

The proposals will be further developed based on feedback, and with due diligence on the proposed open standards, and will be presented for approval by the Open Standards Board later in the year (the next meeting is March 25th 2014).

Comments may be added to the proposals.