Open to opportunities?

Working with CETIS is arguably among the most interesting jobs in ed tech. In the past 5 years I’ve worked with great people and interesting projects, I’ve constantly been exposed to stimuli which challenge, stretch, and (mostly) expand my knowledge and abilities. In the Repositories Research team, and more recently in CETIS support for the UK Open Educational Resource programmes I’ve had the opportunity to learn from, think about, share, and participate in a lot of great work.

UKOER 2 has just finished and things are rapidly coming together for UKOER 3 which looks like it is going to be awesome (and you know how little I use that word).

I am, however, moving on.

I’m not going anywhere quickly but all being well in about 3 months my paperwork will be done and some time between January and July I’ll be emigrating to the States.

No, I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but we decided that it’s time to give the US a go.

I hope to keep working in ed tech, open education, and repositories though I may consider moving back towards more digital library like stuff depending on what prospects come up. I’m going to start looking in Seattle (my wife’s hometown) and expand my search from there (advice welcome).

In the meantime it’s time to finish the tech synthesis of UKOER 2 and get ready for UKOER 3.

7 thoughts on “Open to opportunities?

  1. John,

    A pleasure to have worked with you . Your considered and insightful input into CETIS work has been much appreciated. Wish you well with the future in US and happy to provide references should you wish.

  2. Just seeing this now, a few weeks later – congratulations on the upcoming move, give us a bell when you get settled in the Pacific Northwest, I’m only a couple hours away.

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