JISC CETIS OER Technical Interest Group

In order to provide a focus for the wide range of technical activities that the UK F/HE community is engaging with in the general space of “open educational resources” CETIS are establishing an OER Technical Interest Group. This group will provide a forum to explore a wide range of technical issues relating to the creation, description, dissemination, aggregation, discovery, use and tracking of open educational resources. In addition, the group will help to surface and identify current and best practice in these areas.

Who is the OER Technical Interest Group for?

Anyone with an interest in technical issues relating to open educational resources and the wider areas of open education and educational resource management in general. Participation is not restricted to JISC HEA OER Programme projects, we would welcome and encourage participation from outwith the UK and from across the educational sector including schools, colleges, work based learning, life long learning, etc.

How do I participate in the OER Technical Interest Group?
To join the group just add a comment below to identify yourself, sign up for oer-discuss@jiscmail.com and look out for blog posts and tweets tagged #oertig

Rather than create a new mailing list, the OER Technical Interest Group will initially use the recently launched JISC oer-discuss list. An additional technical list will be established at a later date if necessary.

What will the OER Technical Interest Group do?

  • Together with UKOLN’s DevCSI initiative the group will run an OER Hackday on the 31st March / 1st April 2011 at Manchester Conference Centre. For further information and to sign up for this event visit http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/events/devcsi/oer_hackdays/
  • Provide a forum for the forthcoming JISC CETIS OER Mini Projects. JISC and CETIS intend to fund a series of OER Mini Projects in 2011 to explore a range of specific technical issues already surfaced by the JISC / HEA OER Programmes and recent CETIS events including #cetisrow and #cetiswmd. All participants will be eligible to apply for Mini Projects.
  • Engage with and disseminate initiatives and activities outwith the UK F/HE sector including Creative Commons, OCWC and the US Learning Registry.
  • Run a series of public events over the course of 2011 building on past CETIS events such as #cetisrow and #cetiswmd.
  • Provide a forum to raise and discuss technical issues.

What kind of technical issues will the OER Technical Interest Group explore?

The group hopes to explore a wide range of technical issues including but not restricted to:

  • Feed deposit
  • Web search log analysis
  • RSS end point registries
  • Use of open source repositories for managing educational resources.
  • Tracking open educational resources.
  • License encoding.
  • Self description and embedded metadata.

Further information about CETIS OER Technical Interest Group projects and activities will be posted on the CETIS blogs and circulated through the usual channels. If you are interested in participating please add your name below along with any comments or issues you would like to see the group explore. Thanks,

21 thoughts on “JISC CETIS OER Technical Interest Group

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  2. We intend for this group to provide a focus for technical work around open educational content, services and practices. I hope it will be a good way for developers and other experts to work with their peers on interesting and important stuff, and I’m particularly looking forward to the HackDay!

  3. Count me in, Phil – nice idea. There’s scads of librarian talk on various lists and blogs, but technical advice on OER implementation is conspicuous by its relative absence. As a simple for instance, code for exposing a collection via OAI-PMH or RSS would be useful as it would be a PITA to write from scratch. The Hackday tech-in sounds like a great idea and one I’d be interested in attending to pick brains and perhaps even contribute the little expertise I currently have. The morning of April 1st might provide some interesting hacks… ;-)


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  5. I’m currently working with the Coventry OER project and have an interest in the development and dissemination of good practice, as might be expected from my Becta role.


  6. I’m looking forward to the hackdays and (perhaps obviously) in oertig as a forum both to support sharing the technical expertise and technical issues that have developed through the UKOER programmes and related work, and as a way to help engage and interact with tech developments in other OER/ OE initiatives.

  7. I am interested too. I have a long-standing interest in OER, and would like to understand technical perspectives in more depth.

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