SEMHE ’11 – Call for papers

The 3rd SemHE workshop (Semantic Web Applications in Higher Education) will take place this September and will be co-located with EC-TEL’11 this September in Palermo.

The workshop organisers are hoping that it will attract people working on semantic web applications in HE and those who have been developing linked data infrastructures for the HE sector. The workshop will address the following themes:

– Semantic Web applications for Learning and Teaching Support in Higher Education.
– Use of linked data in repositories inside or across institutions.
– Collaborative learning and critical thinking enabled by semantic Web applications.
– Interoperability among Universities based on Semantic Web standards.
– Ontologies and reasoning to support pedagogical models.
– Transition from soft semantics and lightweight knowledge modelling to machine processable, hard semantics.
– University workflows using semantic Web applications and standards.

The deadline for submissions is 8 July and full information is available at the workshop website.

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