ArchiMate modelling bash outcomes

What’s more effective than taking two days out and focus on a new practice with peers and experts?

Following the JISC’s FSD programme, an increasing number of UK Universities started to use the ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture modelling language. Some people have had some introductions to the language and its uses, others even formal training in it, others still visited colleagues who were slightly further down the road. But there was a desire to take the practice further for everyone.

For that reason, Nathalie Czechowski of Coventry University took the initiative to invite anyone with an interest in ArchiMate modelling (not just UK HE), to come to Coventry for a concentrated two days together. The aims were:

1) Some agreed modelling principles

2) Some idea whether we’ll continue with an ArchiMate modeller group and have future events, and in what form

3) The models themselves

With regard to 1), work is now underway to codify some principles in a document, a metamodel and an example architecture. These principles are based on the existing Coventry University standards and the Twente University metamodel, and the primary aim of them is to facilitate good practice by enabling sharing of, and comparability between, models from different institutions.

With regard to 2), the feeling of the ‘bash participants was that it was well worth sustaining the initiative and organise another bash in about six months’ time. The means of staying in touch in the mean time have yet to be established, but one will be found.

As to 3), a total of 15 models were made or tweaked and shared over the two days. Varying from some state of the art, generally applicable samples to rapidly developed models of real life processes in universities, they demonstrate the diversity of the participants and their concerns.

All models and the emerging community guidelines are available on the FSD PBS wiki.

Jan Casteels also blogged about the event on Enterprise Architect @ Work

3 thoughts on “ArchiMate modelling bash outcomes

  1. Thanks for the update Wilbert!

    Would the JISC EA Ning site ( be appropriate for staying in touch between events? You could have a sub-group within there with appropriate discussion areas.

    It’s great to see more models being shared too – something that people would like to see more of on the pages hosted by infoNet so we’ll be sure to add appropriate links when the time comes.

  2. Thanks for this Wilbert, will be interested in joining this as things move forward (hopefully with more Executive backing) at Staffordshire

  3. Belatedly… I’m very interested in using ArchiMate (via Archi) in the Course Data Programme (see:, which is about to enter Stage 2 – implementation by 60 or 70 institutions.

    We’re including a unit on ArchiMate and Archi in our Middlesex University accredited module on XCRI and managing courses information. I’d very much like to share current practice in HE with ArchiMate and Archi.

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