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Cetis is the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards. Cetis staff are globally recognised as leading experts on interoperability and technology standards in learning, education and training. We work with our clients and partners to develop policy and strategy, providing impartial and independent advice on technology and standards. Cetis staff are active in the development and implementation of open standards and represent our clients in national, European and global standards bodies and industry consortia, and have been instrumental in developing and promoting the adoption of technology and standards for course advertising, open education resources, assessment, and student data management, opening new markets and creating opportunities for innovation.

Journalism has always been a central part of our ethos. Our blogs help us to develop our ideas and interpret technology innovation for the wider community. Our blogs and social media networks enable us to keep connected to a wide range of key national and international influencers.

More information about Cetis is available on our main site: www.cetis.org.uk

More information on our publications is available from our Publications site: publications.cetis.org.uk



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