6 thoughts on “A TAACCCTful mandate? OER, SCORM and the $2bn grant

  1. The problem with the pharasee lying at the side of the road, is that essentially, it’s the wrong place. No doubt more people would have stopped to help sooner had the pharasee perhaps carried a “help me” sign, or placed himself in the middle of the road, so as to maximise the facilitation of possible assistance.

    Sadly however, discussions over the best place for the pharasee to locate themselves and for which devices to employ to maximise access to the pharasee do not directly help the pharasee seek the immediate help that it is clearly apparent that the pharasee needs.

    We, now, working as the Pharasee Intelligent Solution Schematic Technology Advisory Knowledge Executive, advise that we shall be seeking your opinions via a crowdsourced exercise over twitter and quora, to maximise the potential benefit in thinking of ways to aid the pharasee. In doing this, we will achieve a truly democratic and pluralist set of solutions, and as such guarantee an excellent solution to this pharasee induced problem.

    Sadly, it has been brought to our attention that the pharasee is now dead. Of course, this should not stop us from working on a solution to the pharasee’s problem. The pharasee’s vengeful spirit has suggested that actually just helping, and worrying about locations and formats at a later date might actually be a better solution in being helpful. Unfortunately, vengeful spirits are not part of the crowd, and as such it is more important that people talk about stuff rather than doing it.

    And long may this continue.

  2. We could say that layout is what designers squeeze into available technology — content is the culture manifested in the layout. “Space’ is the envelope holding layout and content together.

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