2 thoughts on “UKOER 2: Dissemination protocols in use and Jorum representation

  1. Hi John

    Just to say that PORSCHE and ACErep (not strictly ukoer2 but is HEFCE funded and I’ve been working quite closely with Suzanne et al) have been working with the NDLR in Ireland which is running on DSpace 1.6.2 which is able to harvest OAI-PMH by default – unlike the customised v.1.5.2 that Jorum is currently running on (ultimately I think there are plans for Jorum and the NDLR to share a common DSpace code-base – see http://acerep.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/oer-infrastructure-discussions-with-mimas-and-ndlr/)

    OAI-PMH feeds have indeed been successfully harvested into the NDLR test server from both the Leeds Met Repository and the NHS repository (both intraLibrary) and we have also been able to deposit into the NDLR via SWORD.

    PORSCHE have also been working with the NDLR on transferring full IMS CP betwixt the two repositories using OAI-ORE (I think…)

    Obviously a decision for Mimas but I hope SWORD deposit into Jorum may yet be on the agenda and shouldn’t be too difficult from a technical point of view though I think there are issues around authentication via UKFed.


  2. Hi Nick, thanks for commenting I knew this work was ongoing but didn’t have a link to hand – I’ll add the link into the post.