UKOER 2: OER creation tools used

When projects in UKOER 2 created or edited content what tools did they use? This is a post in the UKOER 2 technical synthesis series.

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Tools to make OER

OER creation tools in use in the UKOER 2 programme

OER creation tools in use in the UKOER 2 programme


  • Ms Office and Adobe Acrobat are not represented in these graphs or in PROD – their use (or the use of open source alternatives which can produce respective file types) is ubiquitous and dominant.
  • For a number of online tools (typically those considered web2.0) there is an overlap between creation and hosting platforms and are listed on both graphs.


  • Flash is the only tool (apart from Office and Acrobat) that shows use across more than a few projects.

One thought on “UKOER 2: OER creation tools used

  1. Flash is popular but does not currently work on Apple mobile devices. In addition to PDF and RTF format, TIGER also created ePub versions for those wishing to format TIGER content for mobile devices.